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Pharmaceutical logistics in the D-A-CH region

Welcome to NextPharma Logistics, your global partner for highly specialised pharmaceutical logistics solutions! We offer certified quality and tailored services for temperature-sensitive and time-critical shipments.

With our headquarters in Bielefeld and numerous locations in the D-A-CH region, we are on hand to serve our customers across Germany, Europe and the world. We focus on the storage, logistics and distribution of pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and dietary products.


Logistics in the pharmaceutical industry
The smart solution for the healthcare sector

We are one of the leading pharmaceutical logistics companies within the D-A-CH region and provide our business partners with services across the entire healthcare sector.





Our solutions as a pharmaceutical logistics company

Healthcare logistics

As experts in healthcare logistics, we provide secure and reliable storage for our customers’ products in state-of-the-art logistics centers with flexible temperature ranges. We guarantee the efficient distribution of pharmaceutical products to wholesalers, pharmacies and end customers.

Warehousing & distribution

We securely store your products in state-of-the-art logistics centres with flexible temperature ranges and guarantee quick and precise order picking with a low error rate. Our system-guided processes ensure extremely high levels of punctuality and customer satisfaction.

Secondary packaging & display creation

We provide labelling, package inserts and bundle packs, and we can also create displays designed to present your products in an attractive way.

Customer service

Our customer service team at NextPharma Logistics has many years of experience in pharmaceutical logistics and is on hand as a competent contact partner to provide support for both you and your end customers – whether pharmacists, veterinarians or wholesalers.

Order management

At NextPharma Logistics, we offer a comprehensive range of order management services, including manual order entry in either our ERP system or yours, or alternatively automated order transmission via interfaces. We also carry out the order picking of your goods for shipping, making sure that orders are processed quickly and precisely.

Returns management

Our customer service team organises the collection, documentation and destruction of returns in order to guarantee smooth processing.

Transport management

We audit and monitor performance, carry out freight tendering, track milestones and forward on complaints and damage reports.

Amazon business

As a pharmaceutical logistics company, we also provide services for B2B companies wanting to sell their products via the Amazon marketplace. We provide support for companies with carrying out their sales processes via the Amazon Vendor Central (AVC), with the aim of reaching additional customer and increasing turnover.

Order to cash

With our full-service package, we also offer invoicing and cash management in addition to the services listed above. Our pharmaceutical logistics team takes care of the entire process, from pre-sales, processing and shipping right through to invoicing and collection/dunning, in order to ensure an efficient and reliable payment process.


Our in-house IT department with its strong team of experienced experts is on hand to support you in setting up your IT landscape, and can be reached at any time even at a later stage once you’re already up and running.

Project management

We offer a comprehensive range of project management services in the area of pharmaceutical logistics, from the initial implementation of processes and IT services right through to their optimization. Our experts work closely with customers to develop tailored solutions and ensure compliance with quality standards and compliance guidelines. We help our customers to maximize their potential and achieve success within the market.

Location/logistics concept planning

Multi-user or dedicated logistics center? We can do both! With our over 30 years of experience as a pharmaceutical logistics company and our associated expertise in planning as well as in the realization of various logistics centers throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we can house you and your products in one of our multi-user logistics centers or plan and create a dedicated location from start to finish, based on your needs and requirements.

Our IT-services


Our in-house IT department with its strong team of experienced experts is always at your disposal. Whether programming interfaces, creating reports, carrying out database maintenance for key customers or developing solutions - permanently allocated teams are on hand to make your requirements a reality in no time at all.


Our customers (an excerpt of our references)

Why use NextPharma Logistics for your pharmaceutical logistics

As a pharmaceutical logistics company, we bring many years of experience and expertise to the table, and offer intelligent and sustainable solutions to meet your specific needs. If you are looking for a tailored logistics and fulfilment solution, you’ve come to the right place with us. Our team of internal and external specialists work closely with you, from the analysis and planning stages right through to the implementation of your individual workflow management in keeping with your requirements.



Over 30 years of experience

As an established company in the area of pharmaceutical logistics, we have extensive market experience and expertise that allows us to develop tailored solutions for our customers.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

As a responsible pharmaceutical logistics company, sustainability and environmental protection are very important to us, and we are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions and using resources in an efficient manner. It’s a well-known fact that temperature-controlled logistics is an energy-intensive sector, but we still aim to work in as resource-efficient a manner as possible – and to be CO2-neutral by 2025 at the latest!

Full order to cash solutions

We offer our customers comprehensive solutions, from order entry right through to invoicing. This allows us to make the entire process more efficient while reducing the workload on our customers.

Short response times & decision-making paths

Efficient processes are the be-all-and-end-all. We therefore strive to respond quickly and flexibly to changes, and we put our customers’ individual requirements into practice as quickly as possible.

Low error rate

Thanks to the various security mechanisms integrated into the warehousing and order picking process, we have an error rate of just 0.03% at item level.

High stock transparency

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art IT systems and intelligent warehousing, we have a precise overview of your product stock at all times. Complete documentation of all deliveries helps to ensure that no medication gets lost or ends up in the wrong hands.

Find out more about our company, our history and the commitments we have made to sustainability as a pharmaceutical logistics company.



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