Solve problems together

Igor, accountant at NextPharma Logistics

Igor is an absolute team player, true to the motto: Solving problems together. Igor started his career at NextPharma Logistics in 2001. He started as a warehouse logistics specialist. In 2007, after completing his advanced training as a certified business economist, Igor took over the role of the head of secondary packaging. Today Igor is proud: for having walked this path and also proud of his team, with whom he tackles all problems. His colleagues are more than just team members.

In 2014, Igor was looking for new challenges. Said and done! With the help of NextPharma Logistics, Igor completed his training as an accountant and is now holding the position as a financial accountant at NextPharma Logistics. It is not yet clear what Igor's next step will be, but it will surely come.

Igor appreciates one thing above all at NextPharma Logistics: the open relationship with the managers.