Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt

Sven, IT-Network-Administrator bei NextPharma Logistics

Sven knows NextPharma Logistics inside and out. He began his professional career in 1999 - initially as a temporary worker in the warehouse.

Due to his joy and affinity for IT, it was clear to Sven early on that he would turn his hobby into a profession. Said and done! With the help of NextPharma Logistics, Sven started training as an IT system electronics technician in mid-2001. Since completing his apprenticeship successfully, he has been working as an IT network administrator. Today Sven is proud to have gone this way with NextPharma Logistics.

What is Sven most enthusiastic about about his work? The versatility, the freedom and the associated trust in him as well as the personal exchange with people.

Sven always includes his colleagues in his daily work. From order picker to managing director - Sven has a good relationship with everyone and he enjoys working with each of them.

Sven is proud of his and above all the development of NextPharma Logistics. What Sven wants: continued positive corporate development - and that he can always contribute to it with his work.