With new technologies and processes, we are constantly developing our services - because the most important step is the NEXT

NextPharma Logistics is one of the leading pharma logistics service provider in the DACH region. We offer services to customers across the healthcare industry.

Human medicine

Biosimilars, RX, OTC etc.

Veterinary medicine


Data & facts

NextPharma Logistics was founded in 1992

Since then, steady growth has shaped our history. We now have a total storage area of approx. 43,700m², distributed over five locations, on which 200 committed, motivated and trained employees provide excellent service.

Total employees


Services per day 

Delivery notes: 10,000

Delivery note items: 40,000

Storage capacity

Area: 43,700 m2

Ambient pallets: 77,000

Cold storage pallets: 4,000

Value Added Services



Advertising Materials


Team and Management

Experienced, dynamic, goal-oriented, pragmatic and quality-conscious - that is what sets our management apart.

Our managing directors Frederik Günther and Christian Pieper fall back on almost 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


And always want to make a difference.

The dual leadership ideally complements each other and so Frederik Günther is responsible for finance, controlling, IT and sales as CCO and Christian Pieper as COO for operations, quality assurance and people.

The division heads, some of whom have been pursuing our common goals with us for over 20 years, are in constant contact with one another in order to implement progress across the locations.

Reaching your goal together with you.


Keep green

The topic „sustainability“ is not only a theoretical topic for NextPharma Logistics. We are realizing different projects to imporve our sustainability constantly.

Measures like the switch to energy saving LED lighting or the usage of special foils and packaging material are saving valuable ressources:


saved electricity

approximately 200.000 kWh

saved plastic

approximately 7 barrel

saved water

approximately 50.000 liter

Whistleblowing Helpline

Report possible violations of the law or guidelines within the Group

The NextPharma Whistleblowing Helpline can be used to report possible violations of the law or guidelines within the Group – anonymously if desired.

The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in any national language via various input channels. Separate hotlines have been set up for each country, so that you can report a case either by telephone, by online entry in the whistleblowing system itself or with the support of HR colleagues.
Our electronic whistleblowing system is available to all NextPharma employees, but also to customers, suppliers and other third parties

Incoming reports are reviewed and processed by specifically trained individuals from the NextPharma Legal & Compliance Team (if necessary with the support of external mediators or lawyers). By setting up a protected reporting channel, follow-up communication between the compliance officer and the whistleblower is possible – which can also be anonymous if desired. This is the only way to enter into a (if desired also anonymous) dialogue with you and to investigate the case accordingly.

NextPharma and the Legal & Compliance Team protect the interests of whistleblowers not only by setting up this secure whistleblowing system, but also by pledging to treat incoming information confidentially and to protect whistleblowers acting in  in good faith against any retaliation.

You can access our electronic whistleblowing system via the Internet here:

Report violations

Business unit manager


Our division managers are building an expert-team with a high level of experience. Constant exchange between the division managers guarantees the same progress among all sites 

Anna Leszinski

Deputy Site Manager

Patrick Schlüter

Sales Project Manager

Stefan Schoppmann

Project Manager

Sven Zagelski

Site Manager Werne

Stephan Gaag

Site Manager Austria

Ramona Pawlik

Site Manager Switzerland

Christian Nopper

Site Manager Garching near Munich

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