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Trainee Logistics
Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Your job in logistics

You can concentrate and work reliably even in a hectic environment? Then you already have the prerequisites you need for the training and everyday work as a logistics specialist. If you will finish your school education with an intermediate or higher qualification, you can apply for the apprenticeship via our SAP careers page. The apprenticeship starts on 01.08.2022, but we are already accepting applications for 01.08.2023.

What you can expect as a logistics specialist

Four days in the company and one day at school give you the opportunity to grasp all the essential processes in logistics and apply them with foresight. At the end of your training, you will know how the process chain works, how specifications can be implemented economically and know the most important legal regulations. Your task is to accept consignments in distribution and forward them. You have to keep an eye on the distribution channels and make sure that the goods reach the recipient on time.

During the three years of training, warehouse management is a training topic. Here, you control incoming goods, store the goods and manage the stock. In the transport sector, the focus is on work in marshalling yards. Here you actively lend a hand. You not only assemble goods trains on the computer, but also couple the wagons yourself. Teamwork is required here, because cooperation with the railway staff is essential.

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The training at a glance:


Federal Ordinance of 9.11.2015 (as of 1.1.2018)


3 years
- distribution
- Warehousing
- Transport

Education in vocational practice

In a distribution or transport company or in a warehouse. Work placements in other areas are possible.
School education
1 day per week at the vocational school

Vocational subjects

- Vocational skills: procurement, production, distribution, waste disposal, storage, communication/informatics, transport, safety/environment, customer service
- Technical knowledge: depending on the field of specialisation

Inter-company courses

On various topics
Forklift operator's certificate
Acquisition of the SUVA-recognised forklift driver's licence

Vocational baccalaureate

If you perform very well at school, you can attend vocational baccalaureate school during your basic training.


Federal certificate of proficiency "Logistiker/in EFZ"
Federal Ordinance of 9.11.2015 (as of 1.1.2018)