NextGreen by NextPharma Logistics

Due to global and interlinked supply chains, logistics is becoming more and more important. Solid warehousing and logistics are essential, especially in the pharmaceutical environment, in order to deliver medicines and medical products of impeccable quality to the right place at the right time in order to ensure that patients are supplied with products, some of which are vital, at all times.

Maintaining cold chains and transporting urgent medicines with vans naturally requires energy. However, we follow the principle of making the journey to the patient as energy- and resource-saving as possible.
Processes that we can influence directly are designed to be as efficient as possible. When we outsource processes to our partners, we require a similar awareness and action from you. If we have no chance of influencing our energy consumption (e.g. homepage), we at least want to create a balance with CO2-reducing initiatives.

It is well known that temperature-controlled logistics in particular is an energy-intensive sector, but it is our goal to work as resource-efficiently as possible - and to be CO2-neutral by 2025 at the latest!

Key message / goals of the strategy

The program includes overarching goals that are divided into various fields of action. This is to ensure that responsibility for all important issues is met: environment, intralogistics, company, employees.

The CSR claim (Corporate Social Responsibility) "NextGreen" is derived from the company name "NextPharma". NextPharma Logistics would like to become the benchmark in the field of sustainability in the pharmaceutical logistics industry.