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NextPharma Logistics is one of the leading pharma logistics service provider in the DACH region. We offer services to customers across the healthcare industry.

Warehousing & Distribution

In modern warehouses, we are able to store different product groups at different temperature ranges at highest security levels. 

All of our climate systems are setup on a redundant way to ensure a constant temperature.

We have different picking techniques in use within NextPharma and will be able to offer the ideal solution for our clients’ product portfolio. Fast moving products will be picked by our pick-by-light system or with our invented “multi order picking cart”. This guarantees a low error rate at fast picking times.

Our current picking error rate is <0,02% across all warehouses! Master cartons or paletts are picked with a hand scanner, to keep the error rate at a low volume.

  • Narcotics / controlled drugs
  • Human medicine
  • Veterinary medicine  
  • Dangerous goods
  • Marketing materials
  • Food supplements

  • +15 ­­to +25℃ Ambient products
  • +2 ­to +8℃ Cold chain products
  • -190 ­­to -196℃ Storage nitrogen



Customer Service

Our customer service team is well experienced and knows the pharma market. The team is a qualified point of contact for our clients or end customers such as pharmacist, veterinarian or wholesaler

We are processing orders in all common formats (Fax, Email, EDI) and ensure the ideal market supply for our clients products. In addition to that, we are able to assist in different marketing campaigns.

The size of the different customer service teams are well planned to have a proper backup strategy in place and ensure the availability of a trained and qualified point of contact at all times.

These different teams are specialized, so that complex tasks such as Customs clearance,  exports, control of entitlement of purchase or shipments of controlled drugs are handled with a high level of expertise.

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Secondary packaging and display creation

NextPharma holds GMP License at all warehouses, with the exception of Garching.

NextPharma Logistics holds a GMP License at Site Werne, Site Großebersdorf and Site Schaffhausen. 

We are licenced to perform secondary packaging activities such as changing leaflets , re-labeling, re-packaging of pharmaceuticals. 

In addition to that, we are able to perform serialization including a direct connection to the national verification platforms.

We assemble displays with your products on demand.  A well trained and experienced team is at our disposal to carry out the assembly of displays  within a remarkably short time.  


Our inhouse IT team assists our clients for over 20 years now.

If it is the programming of Interfaces, setup of reportings or support of any kind, our IT team is familiar working with different systems like SAP, Navision, JDE….

More than 100 individual Interfaces to the different systems have been programmed, tested, validated and put into production in the last years.


Together with our contracted carriers we ensure that our clients’ products are delivered in time and within the agreed temperature range.

No matter where we must ship products, because of many long-lasting partnerships we will find the perfect carrier.

In addition to that, we offer to take over the whole transport management for our clients. This way our clients are benefiting from our tariffs and NextPharma Logistics takes care of performance monitoring and complaints handling.

Order to Cash

NextPharma Logistics is also offering a “full service package”

The “full service package” includes the previously described services the full invoicing and cash management, handled by our inhouse Finance team.

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