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As a healthcare logistics provider with +30 years of experience, we are ideally equipped to help you tackle the challenges of healthcare logistics. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities, services, and transport networks that comply with all relevant quality standards and regulations, we offer integrated supply chain solutions tailored to your needs. We oversee everything from the raw materials to the finished products in dedicated warehousing facilities and transport networks, which are optimized for cold chain logistics. That’s why we are your reliable partner when it comes to reducing your costs and ensuring your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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Our healthcare logistics solutions
Logistics in the healthcare sector

The experience and expertise we’ve gathered in healthcare logistics means we can offer bespoke medical logistics solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We take care of storing, transporting, and distributing pharmaceutical products to ensure they make it to our customers in perfect condition.

Warehousing and transport

As experts in healthcare logistics, we ensure secure and reliable storage for our customers’ products in state-of-the-art logistics centers with flexible temperature ranges, which meet the specific requirements of your medical logistics products. Within the pharmaceutical industry, we also aim to efficiently distribute your products to wholesalers, pharmacies, and other customers within the scope of providing smooth healthcare logistics.

Demand-based supply

Our reliable services for the flow of goods in healthcare logistics means that you are provided with medical products, medical technology, medicines, and promotional materials based on your needs. We optimize your processes and ensure efficient supply so you can focus on caring for patients.

Value added services

As a healthcare logistics specialist, we offer a wide variety of standard services to meet your specific requirements. For example, we store your products in state-of-the-art logistics centers with flexible temperature ranges (15°–25°C [59°–77°F]; 2°–8°C[35.6°–46.4°F]); deep-freeze storage; nitrogen storage), efficiently distribute products to wholesalers, pharmacies, and end customers, and safely handle sterile goods in accordance with strict hygiene regulations.

To further optimize your processes, we also offer a whole array of value-added services. These include secondary packaging, the production of displays, provision of IT services, management of Amazon business, the planning of concepts for facilities and logistics, and process optimization. We strive to provide a tailor-made healthcare logistics solution that not only satisfies your specific needs but offers you an efficient and cost-effective supply chain.

Project management

As healthcare logistics expert, we offer companies a comprehensive range of project management services. We help them implement and optimize processes within the scope of their medical logistics. Among other things, we oversee onboarding processes, IT services, and process evaluation/optimization. In addition, we assess and streamline existing processes to ensure that you meet the healthcare industry’s standards of quality and compliance regulations. Our experienced project management experts from the healthcare logistics industry work closely with you to develop custom-fit solutions that fulfill your specific needs and support your business objectives. We help you to optimize your processes and reach your full potential to stay competitive in the healthcare market.

Order to cash

As part of our full-service package, we not only offer you the solutions described above, but also invoicing and cash management services specifically intended for healthcare logistics. Our healthcare logistics team takes care of the entire process, from presales, processing and shipping right through to invoicing and collection/dunning, in order to ensure an efficient and reliable payment process suited to meet the healthcare industry’s specific requirements. Learn more about our range of order-to-cash services here.

Logistics in the healthcare sector
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We offer innovative supply chain solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry with direct delivery models and complete product overviews. First-expired-first-out (FEFO) picking, clinical trial management, repackaging, and display configuration are all part of our warehousing and sales support services.

Medical products

NextPharma Logistics has been supplying medical products to private and commercial customers for more than 30 years. We tend to the safe and reliable storage and transport of medical goods and the delivery of packages, palettes, and bulk supplies. We provide different added-value services, such as secondary packaging, order picking, the production of displays, the provision of IT services, Amazon, the planning of concepts for facilities and logistics, and the optimization of processes.


Temperature-sensitive products

We provide medical logistics solutions for temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical supply chains. This ensures your products meet required standards and are safe for patients. We have three different temperature zones for cold chains and offer specialized services for your individual needs. The cold chain facilities in our network have been certified and are compliant with standards, and we provide exceptional service for every transaction.


NextPharma Logistics is your expert healthcare logistics partner when it comes to medical gases stored in cylinders, such as nitrogen. We offer you a comprehensive supply chain. It covers everything from the entry of orders to specialized warehousing and the transport of goods to commercial and private consignees. Our company has many years of experiences handling hazardous goods and is very familiar with the healthcare sector’s regulatory requirements.


IT services


Our in-house IT department with its strong team of experienced experts is always ready to serve you. No matter if you need an interface to be programmed, want a report to be created, require database maintenance for your key customers, or need us to develop solutions to problems, our dedicated teams will take care of realizing your requirements right away.


Why use NextPharma Logistics for your healthcare logistics

As a seasoned provider of healthcare logistics, we possess the know-how and skills to deliver intelligent and sustainable medical logistics and fulfillment solutions custom-built to meet your specific needs. Our team of internal and external specialists work closely with you, from the analysis and planning stages right through to the implementation of your individual workflow management to ensure your requirements are met. If you’re looking for a tailor-made solution for your logistics and fulfillment needs, we’re the right partner for you!

Over 30 years of experience

Our many years of experience gathered in healthcare logistics allows us to develop and implement customized solutions for our customers.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

As a responsible pharmaceutical logistics company, sustainability and environmental protection are very important to us, and we are committed to reducing our CO2 emissions and using resources in an efficient manner. It’s a well-known fact that temperature-controlled logistics is an energy-intensive sector, but we still aim to work in as resource-efficient a manner as possible – and to be CO2-neutral by 2025 at the latest!

Certified quality management

We have been certified in accordance with GDP standards and AMG 52a, meaning we can guarantee our customers the highest quality standards and also keep them too.

Low error rate

Thanks to the various security mechanisms integrated into the warehousing and order picking process, we have an error rate of just 0.03% at item level.

High stock transparency

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art IT systems and intelligent warehousing, we have a precise overview of your product stock at all times. Complete documentation of all deliveries helps to ensure that no medication gets lost or ends up in the wrong hands.

Short response times and decision-making paths

Efficient processes are the be-all-and-end-all. We therefore strive to respond quickly and flexibly to changes, and we put our customers’ individual requirements into practice as quickly as possible.

Find out more about our company, our history and the commitments we have made to sustainability as a pharmaceutical logistics company.



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