Pharmaceutical fulfillment
Order processing for the pharmaceutical industry

As an order management and logistics provider, NextPharma Logistics also offers fulfillment services. We take care of processing our customers’ orders and contracts from start to finish, beginning with the storage and management of inventory all the way to the delivery to end customers.

Our fulfillment services include order picking as well as the packaging and shipment of goods. We work closely with our customers in this case to understand and meet their specific needs. We make sure that orders are efficiently processed and delivered in a timely fashion to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Our order management services

Order acceptance

We accept orders, contracts, and requests from customers and interested parties.

Order verification and entry

We review incoming orders or contracts (plausibility check) and record them to ensure that all relevant information is available and that the order can be fulfilled.

Order planning

We also work closely with our customers when it comes to order planning. Our interfaces also offer the option to prioritize orders. In addition, our customer service is available to assist you with time-critical orders.

Order coordination

We coordinate all the different activities required for processing orders, such as the procurement of materials (special shipping boxes), logistics, and shipping.

Warehousing and inventory management

Our validated warehouse management system (WMS) is also great for pharmaceuticals. Interfaces/reports make it possible for us to send data on current inventory to your ERP system every night. Automatic reports promptly notify you (individual advance warning periods) when goods are about to expire (expiration limit). Our WMS also allows us to continually optimize/adjust orders based on the frequency of the goods, so that we can achieve the highest possible output.

Order picking

We take the products which have been ordered from our warehouse and put them together, thereby ensuring that the right items are sent to the right recipient in the right amounts/quantities.

Packaging and shipping

As a fulfillment specialist, we offer customers customized packaging services. The packaging can be made in accordance with customers’ requirements and expectations. We cater to specific product requirements, such as stronger shipping boxes, to prevent products from breaking. We can also accommodate individual embossing and company logos.

Order tracking

To share and exchange data with our customers, we use a sFTP cloud server from Hetzner that is hosted in Germany. The customer sends orders to the sFTP server, and we then use an automatic routine to collect the orders every five minutes before transferring them to our WMS. Once the order picking has been completed, our WMS generates an order confirmation which is then also put on the sFTP server (order confirmation).

Order and returns management

We provide software solutions and services, such as customer service, complaints management, and quality assurance, to help our customers process orders and returns.

Reporting and analysis

We provide regular reports and analyses to our customers so they can monitor their products’ performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Depending on our customers’ requirements, these services can be individually combined and adjusted to provide them with the best solution for their specific needs.

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IT services


As a partner you can rely on, NextPharma Logistics offers you an experienced and skilled IT team that is always available to help you. No matter if your require a tailor-made interface, want a specific report to be created, or if you’d like your key accounts database to be updated, our specialist teams will quickly and effectively realize your requirements. We’re also happy to help you solve any other issues and optimize your business processes on a non-stop basis.


Why opt for NextPharma Logistics for your fulfillment services?

Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we are able to guarantee the quality of products throughout the entire fulfillment process and comply with all statutory requirements and provisions. We provide transparent reports to our customers about their fulfillment orders and seek to build long-term relationships and provide them with a first-class service when we fulfill and manage orders.

Pan-European network

Our network extends across Europe and allows us to quickly and reliably distribute goods throughout the whole region.

Certified quality management

Our professional quality management system and its comprehensive documentation activities enable us to provide efficient, transparent, and GxP-compliant (GMP- and GDP) processes.

International distribution

On behalf of our customers, we distribute their products around the world and are able to master any complex challenges we encounter with logistics.

Low error rate

Thanks to the various security mechanisms integrated into the warehousing and order picking process, we have an error rate of just 0.03% at item level.

Flexible logistics concepts

We adjust to the individual needs of our customers and develop flexible concepts for pharmaceutical logistics which are perfectly adapted to their needs.

Short response times and decision-making paths

Efficient processes are the be-all and end-all. We therefore strive to respond quickly and flexibly to changes, and we put our customers’ individual requirements into practice as quickly as possible.

FAQ on the topic of fulfillment

What does fulfillment mean?

“Fulfillment” generally refers to the entire process required to carry out an order or contract, from the moment it is placed to when it is finally provided to the customer. This usually includes the storage and management of inventory, the picking and packaging of orders, shipping processing, and if necessary, returns management.

The fulfillment service provider is then responsible for the entire order fulfilment process and ensures that orders are efficiently processed and delivered in a timely manner.

What’s the difference between fulfillment services and O2C?

Fulfillment and order to cash (O2C) are two different business processes that take place within a company. Fulfillment refers to the entire processing of orders or contracts, whereas O2C describes the processes necessary to generate revenue from the orders and receive payments from customers.

  1. The order-to-cash process starts once an order is accepted, and it includes invoicing, monitoring, and debt collection. If necessary, returns and complaints are also processed. The O2C process, on the other hand, aims to ensure that payment and receivables processes are carried out smoothly and that customers are highly satisfied.
  2. The fulfillment process also begins once an order is accepted, but it encompasses the storage and management of inventory, the picking of ordered items, and the packing and shipping of orders. It can also include the management of returns if necessary. Fulfillment is an important part of customer and supplier management that seeks to improve customer satisfaction by quickly and reliably delivering orders.

Although both processes are different, they are closely linked to each other and must seamlessly interact with one another to ensure effective and profitable business operations. A smooth fulfillment process is important to ensure timely delivery of ordered products and thus enable the O2C process to be completed quickly.

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