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NextPharma Logistics offers a wide range of pharma IT services for companies. Our experienced IT team and tailored IT services allow us to help our customers optimize their business processes and to develop them in an effective manner.




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Our IT services are tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical companies and offer a wide range of solutions, from database maintenance and reporting to connectivity to customer systems.


IT service for pharmaceutical companies

Among many other things, our service includes developing IT landscapes, programming interfaces, integrating customer systems, creating reports, maintaining databases, using track and trace systems, and managing stock.

Development of IT landscapes

A well structured IT system provides the basis for effective logistics processes. At NextPharma Logistics, we offer to build our customers a custom IT landscape tailored to meet their individual needs. In doing so, we pay special attention to integrate it into existing systems in the best way possible and to transmit data in a fast and reliable manner.

IT interfaces/interface programing

IT interfaces are an integral part of different systems communicating effectively with each other. At NextPharma Logistics, we offer professional interface programming to ensure seamless integration into our customers’ existing systems. This enables us to process various forms of data and implement complex data structures.


At NextPharma Logistics, our customers are offered a comprehensive reporting system on all relevant processes. Our customers can thus access a vast array of reports so that they can analyze and monitor their businesses processes in detail.

Database maintenance

We also help our customers to maintain their databases and ensure that all relevant data is kept up to date and is correct. We make sure that data is transmitted safely and reliably when we do this.

Track and trace system

A track and trace system makes it possible to monitor the entire supply chain from start to finish. At NextPharma Logistics, we provide our customers with a professional track and trace system that makes it possible for them to fully trace products and deliveries. We ensure that all relevant information is always available and transparent.

Stock management system

At NextPharma Logistics, our customers are offered our flexible stock management system to manage all products quickly and reliably in storage. We ensure that all relevant information is always available and transparent.

Temperature monitoring

Reliable temperature monitoring is an important factor when it comes to storing pharmaceutical products. At NextPharma Logistics, we provide our customers with a professional temperature monitoring system to ensure that products are always kept in the right temperature environment. Our IT services help you monitor and record temperatures to ensure that the products meet specifications, and that product safety and efficacy are ensured.

Customized IT services for pharmaceutical companies

At NextPharma Logistics, we offer tailor-made pharma IT services to pharmaceutical companies to meet the needs of our customers. We help develop IT landscapes, integrate IT interfaces and customer systems, create reports, maintain databases, and use the track and trace system and the stock management system. Our IT services are updated on a continual basis and are adjusted to the needs of our customers to ensure business processes run smoothly.

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Boosting efficiency through custom-made pharma IT services

Our pharma IT services are tailored to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies and offer a wide portfolio of solutions spanning all the way from database maintenance to reporting and the integration of customer systems.

Our goal is to create simple IT structures that make effective processes and transparent workflows possible. Our user-friendly interface and its intuitive operation mean our pharma IT services are easy to use and offer clear structures. We aim to support our customers with individual monitoring options and clearly structured reports and provide them with a high degree of flexibility when it comes to data retrieval. Our pharma IT services are designed to improve our customers’ processes and improve their efficiency.

Why you should put your trust in pharma IT services from NextPharma Logistics

NextPharma Logistics’ pharma IT services provide pharmaceutical logistics with many benefits, ranging from simple control options to flexible data retrieval.

More than 30 years of experience

Thanks to our many years of experience in pharmaceutical logistics, we have the extensive market experience and expertise required to develop and implement tailored IT solutions for our customers.

Project management

We offer you comprehensive project management services in pharmaceutical logistics, from the initial implementation of processes and IT services right through to their optimization. We help our customers to maximize their potential and achieve success within the market.

Clearly structured reports

We provide you with clearly structured reports that make it possible for you to quickly conduct in-depth analyses of your data. Flexible data retrieval allows you to individually select the data you want and quickly help make targeted decisions.

Experienced IT experts

At NextPharma Logistics, we work with a seasoned team of IT specialists with comprehensive expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical logistics. They are able to develop customized IT solutions and quickly react to customer requirements.

Reliable and validated IT systems

NextPharma Logistics’ IT systems are reliable and safe to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted processing of data. We use state-of-the art technology and continually invest in updating and building our IT systems’ infrastructure to meet the high standards existing in pharmaceutical logistics.

Compliance management

At NextPharma Logistics, we have comprehensive knowledge of legal requirements and regulations in pharmaceutical logistics. We make sure that all our pharma IT services meet legal requirements in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of your products.

Implementing our IT services into your business processes lets you benefit from smooth logistics processes as well as from a transparent and effective workflow. Take advantage of these benefits and get in touch with us today to find out more about our bespoke IT solutions for pharmaceutical companies.

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One-stop shop: pharma IT services and more

Our team at NextPharma Logistics offers wide-ranging pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics services. From order fulfillment to transport management and returns management, we support our customers with all logistical manners.

We also offer pharmaceutical packaging in the form of secondary packaging and display creation services, including labels, repackaging and serialization. In addition, we offer project management, process evaluation and optimization, customer service, and end-to-end order to cash solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to pharmaceutical companies throughout the entire D-A-CH region. Contact our experts for pharma IT services and get extensive advice!


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