Returns management
For the pharmaceutical industry

Returns management is an essential part of pharmaceutical companies’ value-added chain and plays a decisive role in ensuring product quality and safety. It encompasses having to process returns, assess and manage returned products, as well as having to subsequently restock items in inventory or arrange for them to be destroyed or disposed of.

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Returns management challenges for pharmaceutical companies

The management of pharmaceutical companies’ returned products requires special attention due to the products’ specific features and the health risks associated with them. One of the major responsibilities is to ensure that returned products are only put back in the warehouse after proper inspection. In terms of the disposal of products, in particular medicines and other hazardous substances, companies must also observe applicable statutory provisions in order to protect the environment and public health.

A major challenge is having to document and collect all relevant data and information on returned products in order to facilitate potential recalls and ensure compliance with quality and safety standards. Place your returns management in the hands of our experts specializing in the handling, processing, and destruction of returns.

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Identification &



Returns process

Returns management for pharmaceutical companies


The returns process in the pharmaceutical industry includes processing returned products from customers and distributors, identifying and documenting returned products, checking for expiration dates and integrity, and proper destruction if necessary.


Returns management for pharmaceutical companies: Efficient management of returned products

The management of returns for pharmaceutical companies means having to manage the products returned by a company. A list of the returns management services that are typically offered to guarantee the efficient and effective handling of returned products is provided below:

Collection of products

An important part of returns management is the collection of products in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the products’ unique properties and the health risks associated with them, it is vitally important that companies ensure collection is carried out properly. Companies must, for example, observe legal regulations when it comes to transporting and storing (temperature control) medicines and utilize specially trained staff and appropriately equipped vehicles. Quick and reliable collection is crucial to ensure proper disposal or reuse of products and to allow for potential recalls.

Evaluation of returns

The evaluation of returned products is an important process for pharmaceutical companies to make sure that the quality and safety of their products is maintained. This process involves checking and assessing the products which have been returned to determine if they can be reused or need to be disposed of. This requires companies having to ensure that all relevant statutory provisions are complied with, that products containing hazardous substances are disposed of.

The evaluation of returned products also helps to identify and solve potential quality issues or recalls in advance. Effective evaluation of returned products requires a well-designed returns management system that incorporates the collection and documentation of all relevant data and information on the returned products.

Documentation of returns

The company can document the returned products and ensure that all necessary information is recorded, including the reasons for the return, customer information, and data on the products.

Reprocessing of products

If the returned products are in good condition, they can be reprocessed and sold once again. In this case, companies can inspect the products to ensure that they meet the required standards.

Proper returns management

For companies, those operating in the pharmaceutical industry, the proper destruction of returns is a crucial aspect. To ensure consumer health and safety and minimize environmental impacts, returned products, in particular medicines or hazardous substances, need to be properly disposed of. This requires strict compliance with statutory provisions, as well as appropriate handling and disposal by specialized service providers. Companies should make sure their returns destruction processes are transparent and documented to minimize potential risks and ensure compliance with quality and security standards.

We offer the option to individually mix and match these services as needed to ensure the best solution for our customers’ specific needs.

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Our IT services

Effective support for your returns management


We at NextPharma Logistics are experienced partners in handling returns for pharmaceutical companies and offer effective support for your business processes. Our IT team is available 24/7 to quickly and effectively help you with your needs. We offer a broad variety of customized IT services to guarantee that communication between us and our customers runs smoothly. Our IT services are updated on a continual basis and are accordingly adjusted to the needs of our customers to ensure the quick handling of returns management.


Why trust in our returns management for the pharmaceutical industry?

Our vast experience in the pharmaceutical industry ensures we provide the highest-quality services throughout the entire returns process, and it also makes sure we comply with all legal regulations. We seek to establish long-term relationships and offer our customers excellent service while carrying out our returns management.


Sustainability and environmental protection are our focus when it comes to returns management. Here it is important to us that our customers meet the highest quality standards and simultaneously make environmentally responsible decisions.

Experience and expertise

Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive expertise in pharmaceutical logistics, we are able to develop individual and custom-made solutions for our customers.

Flexible logistics concepts

Our logistics concepts are flexible and are customized to the needs of our customers. We offer tailor-made solutions to ensure your specific requirements are perfectly matched.

Europe-wide network

Our network extends across all of Europe to ensure quick and reliable distribution across the entire region.

Safety and regulatory compliance

Safety and regulatory compliance: We have strict measures and controls in place at NextPharma Logistics to ensure that all products are safely handled in accordance with legal requirements and regulations (GDP-compliant) throughout the entire returns management process.

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Returns management and more: Our comprehensive range of services

Our NextPharma Logistics team offers a comprehensive range of services, extending way beyond just returns management for pharmaceutical companies.

When it comes to pharmaceutical fulfillment, we take care of order management activities, starting from order processing to order picking. Our transport management services include transport planning, route planning, auditing of transport providers, cargo management, as well as the performance control of all services. We can also help you with secondary packaging and display creation, including labels, repackaging and serialization. Our IT services, project management, process evaluation and optimization, and customer service departments enable us to offer a comprehensive range of services to pharmaceutical companies throughout the entire DACH region. Let our experts for the management of returns in the pharmaceutical industry advise you!


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