Transport management
Transport logistics for pharmaceuticals

In today’s business environment, the reliable management of transport is vital to ensuring the quick and safe delivery of products to customers. Managing and coordinating transport service providers, however, can be a time-consuming and complex task. We’ve got the ideal solution for you: We’ll oversee all transport management activities to ensure your products are safely transported at the right temperature. We offer terms and conditions and will continually monitor performance as well as handle complaints.

Transport management challenges

Companies face a multitude of challenges when it comes to transport management today. Among many other challenges, these include higher order and shipment volumes with smaller batch sizes, increasingly sophisticated transport chains, rising customer expectations for shorter delivery times and the ability to track shipments, narrower time frames for arrivals and departures, and compliance with regulations and laws. In addition, there is a shortage of skilled drivers and reusable loading equipment.

Self-learning transport solutions for automated shipment management

Our sales department works with you to identify the most cost-effective solution. Our Customer Service department is available to answer any questions that may arise during daily business surrounding the handling of your shipments. Our system takes over the dispatcher’s routine tasks by using automatic order dispatching and provides support with all transport management tasks, ranging from planning and monitoring to billing and performance analysis. Forward and backward planning scenarios make it possible to optimize customer shipments and internal transports. Let our transport logistics and transport management experts advise you!

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Air transport



Transport solutions

for the overland transport and intermodal transports


NextPharma Logistics provides transport service provider management for land transport, intermodal transport and global air freight to ensure safe and timely delivery of goods and products. Road, rail and inland waterway transportation are used.


Our transport management services

Transport planning

As a service provider at NextPharma Logistics, our transport planning involves arranging transport for customers’ goods or products in an efficient manner. In doing so, we carefully select the right transport service provider in advance so that your goods arrive in the right quantity at the right place at the right time. Transparent communication with our customers is important to us, and that’s why we’re happy to help with any questions they might have about the transport of their goods.


An effective warehousing solution for our customers’ goods and products is also part of our comprehensive transport management service at NextPharma Logistics. We oversee the safe and efficient storage of their goods before they are shipped out. Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to maintain optimal temperature and humidity control and ensure the goods remain in pristine condition. We also offer customized storage solutions to fit our customers’ specifications, such as special storage conditions for sensitive or hazardous goods. With NextPharma Logistics, our customers can rest assured that their goods and products are in experienced and reliable hands until they are ready for transport.

Freight tendering and awarding of transport orders

As a transport logistics provider, we at NextPharma Logistics are specialized in freight tendering. We help our customers to find the right transport service provider by tendering their freight and obtaining offers from various suppliers. In doing so, we look at factors such as price, reliability, and experience to ensure the highest level of service at a fair price. Our many years of experience and our extensive network of transport providers allows us to offer our customers efficient and reliable freight tendering and awarding of transport orders.

Auditing of transport providers

At NextPharma Logistics, we audit our transport providers on a regular basis to ensure that the transport providers we have commissioned comply with the agreed standards and specifications. This is done so that transport activities are handled in a safe and reliable manner.

Identification and labeling

As part of our transport management and transport logistics system, we tag and label transport containers and vehicles as well as goods and products to ensure complete traceability and compliance with transport regulations and standards. We use tried-and-tested labeling methods and technologies here to ensure everything can be efficiently and precisely identified.

Refrigerated transport

As a pharmaceutical logistics expert, we know how important it is for temperature-sensitive products such as medicines and vaccinations to be transported under ideal conditions. That’s why we also offer to handle specialized refrigerated transport solutions on behalf of our customers.

Hazardous goods transport

The transport of hazardous goods is a very sensitive topic in transport management. It is absolutely essential for all legal regulations to be adhered to ensure the safety of people and the environment. As a pharmaceutical logistics company, we possess broad experience in handling the transport of hazardous goods. We take care that all transport conditions, including packaging, labeling, and documentation, comply with legal requirements and that your products arrive safely at their destination on time.

Customs handling

Customs handling is an important aspect of transport management, especially when it comes to transporting shipments across borders. As a transport management expert, we make sure that all customs procedures and documents necessary for transporting goods or products are completed without any problems. Customs clearance and the transport of hazardous goods are also carried out by us in accordance to specifications to guarantee safe and punctual delivery.

Transport monitoring and tracking (track & trace)

As a transport management company, it is very important for us at NextPharma Logistics to ensure that the transport of goods and products are monitored and tracked in a reliable and effective manner. We have a comprehensive solution available for our customers to track and trace their shipments so that each one arrives on time and safely.

Our track & trace system (Milestone Tracking) makes it possible to monitor transport progress and the location of goods and products. With NextPharma Logistics, you have a reliable partner at your side who takes care that your goods and products safely get to their destination.

Damage management and complaints processing

As a transport management provider, we attach great importance to damage management and the processing of complaints at NextPharma Logistics. We know that damage is bound to happen during the transport process and needs to be handled quickly and professionally to offer our customers a satisfactory solution. That’s why we’ve implemented a comprehensive damage management system to facilitate the quick and transparent processing of damage claims. We ensure that complaints are forwarded and processed swiftly and efficiently to provide our customers with the best service possible and ensure they are satisfied.

Performance control of transport vehicles

As a service provider active in the field of transport logistics, we keep an eye on the performance of our transport providers as part of transport management activities. In doing so, we make sure that agreed standards and specifications are adhered to so that our customer shipments are delivered smoothly and reliably.

We offer the option to individually mix and match these services as needed to ensure the best solution for our customers’ specific needs.

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Our IT services

Effective support for your business processes


As a partner you can count on, we at NextPharma Logistics provide you with 24/7 access to our experienced and skilled IT team. We know that it’s very important for us to communicate with our customers quickly and effectively. That’s why ensure our IT services are always up to date and meet the needs of our customers. We offer a wide range of IT services, spanning from custom-made interfaces to specific reporting requirements and database maintenance for key accounts. We’d be glad help you solve problems and optimize business processes so that your needs are implemented quickly and effectively.


Why use NextPharma Logistics to manage the transport of pharmaceuticals?

Our transparent reports allow our customers to monitor the entire transport process. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship and offer our customers top-class service while carrying out our transport management.

Transparent shipment tracking

You can keep a constant eye on your goods and all processes with our track & trace systems.

Europe-wide network

Our network spans across all of Europe, allowing us to distribute products quickly and reliably across the entire region.

Experience and expertise

As an established company in the area of pharmaceutical logistics, we have the extensive market experience and expertise required to develop tailored solutions for our customers.

Automated transport solutions

We have automated transport solutions available for single-tier and multi-tier transport networks to facilitate the scheduling of orders and optimize customer shipments.

Safety and regulatory compliance:

NextPharma Logistics makes sure that all products are safely transported in accordance with legal requirements and regulations during the entire fulfillment process.

Direct contact

Your personal contact person will promptly take care of your needs.

More than just transport management: Our comprehensive range of services

At NextPharma Logistics, we do more than just take care of managing the transport of your products. We also offer comprehensive healthcare logistics specifically intended for the storage and distribution of temperature-controlled products. Warehousing, intralogistics, order picking, and distribution is also included.

On top of this, we offer order to cash services, such as processing, shipping, invoicing, and collection/dunning. When it comes to pharmaceutical fulfillment, we take care of order management activities, starting from order processing to order picking. In addition, we provide services for the management of returns, which includes collecting, documenting, and destroying returns.

We can also help you with secondary packaging and display creation, including labels, repackaging and serialization. Our extensive portfolio of services is rounded off by our IT services, project management, process evaluation and optimization, and customer service departments.


FAQ on the topic of transport management in the pharmaceutical industry

What special requirements exist in relation to transporting pharmaceutical products, for example, when it comes to temperature control, moisture protection or safety measures?

There are special requirements in place for managing transport in the pharmaceutical industry. This is done to ensure the integrity and quality of products and includes aspects such as monitoring the temperature and moisture during transport, using special transport containers and packaging, and complying with safety and hygiene standards.

How can I ensure that regulations such as Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and international standards such as GMP, ISO, etc. are observed during transport?

When it comes to managing shipments in the pharmaceutical industry, it is absolutely essential for regulations such as GDP and international standards such as GMP and ISO to be adhered to. To ensure compliance with these regulations, companies must ensure that transport providers meet these standards and that their own processes and procedures are accordingly designed.

How can I ensure that transport is safely and efficiently carried out to safeguard product integrity and quality without causing unnecessary costs?

The management of transport in the pharmaceutical industry must ensure that transport is safely and efficiently carried out to safeguard product integrity and quality. This is done, for example, by using real-time tracking systems to guarantee transparency and traceability during transport, and by working together with reliable and qualified suppliers to maximize efficiency.

How do I find the best transport provider who is not only affordable but will meet my requirements at the same time?

To find the best transport provider who will satisfy the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements and is affordable at the same time, companies must research the market extensively to evaluate available options. Expert transport and logistics enterprises specializing in the transport of pharmaceutical products may also be looked at here.

How can I ensure transparency and traceability during transport to react quickly to any problems?

Tracking systems from the respective “Courier, Express and Parcel” (CEP) service providers can be used to ensure transparency and traceability during transport. Companies should also make sure that they have an effective escalation procedure in place to react quickly and appropriately when problems arise. Our Customer Service experts act as the liaison between the CEP service provider(s) and you, the healthcare company.

How can I minimize the risk of products being damaged or lost during transport?

To minimize the risk of products being lost or damaged during transport, companies must ensure that their transport providers satisfy required safety measures and protocols in order guarantee the protection of products. This includes, for example, using security seals, special packaging, and transport containers, as well as employing trained and qualified staff.

How can I plan and organize transport to meet the needs of my customers and end users, as well as delivery dates and locations?

Planning and organizing transport should meet the requirements of customers and end users by, for example, taking delivery dates and locations into consideration and coordinating transport and storage to ensure smooth delivery of products.

How can I ensure that my employees involved in transport management are trained and qualified to fulfill requirements?

Transport management employees should possess the necessary skills, qualifications, and training to meet the transport management requirements in place in the pharmaceutical industry. Ensure this through clear requirements, recruitment of qualified employees, training programs on topics such as GMP and product safety, use of external training resources, regular training, monitoring of performance and measures for improvement. This is how you ensure safety and compliance in the transport of pharmaceutical products.

How can I ensure that I have appropriate insurance to cover the risk of damage or loss during transport?

Monitoring and improving transport processes is an important aspect of transport management in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies should carry out audits regularly to make sure that their transport providers meet required standards and to identify improvement-worthy problems or risks. We can help our customers by auditing relevant transport service providers.


How can I continuously track and improve transport efficiency to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction?

Transport management in the pharmaceutical industry needs to react to the changing needs of customers and the market. Companies should be able to react quickly to new trends, technologies, and regulations and correspondingly adjust their transport processes and strategies. Collaboration with experienced and specialized transport providers means companies can also benefit from their expertise and industry knowledge and thereby continually optimize and improve their management of transport.

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