Warehousing and distribution

At NextPharma Logistics, we offer you custom-tailored solutions for the warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. We have advanced tracking technologies and offer a broad array of warehousing and distribution services that can be flexibly tailored to your products’ individual requirements. Our expertise and our focus on efficiency and cost management mean you can rest assured that your products will safely make it to their destinations on time.

Find out more about our comprehensive solutions in the warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products and contact us today for a personal consultation. Together we will identify the right solution to fulfill your requirements and optimize your supply chain.

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Efficient pharmaceutical distribution through our warehousing and distribution service

Optimization of inventories

Efficient warehouse management is decisive to ensure the best possible availability of your pharmaceutical products. By analyzing and optimizing inventory in a targeted manner, you can avoid bottlenecks and reduce excess stock at the same time. This not only improves your warehousing efficiency, but also minimizes costs and risks.

Supply chain optimization

An efficient supply chain is pivotal for your company’s success. By optimizing your distribution processes, you can shorten delivery times and cut costs. This involves meticulous planning and close collaboration with dependable transport partners. In this way, you ensure that your pharmaceutical products make it to their destinations on time in a cost-effective manner.

Order picking and packaging

At NextPharma Logistics, we ensure orders are picked properly based on our customers’ individual requirements. Our experts look after accurately putting together orders and ensure that all products are properly packed in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry’s regulations and quality standards.

Effective transport management

Effective transport management is key to ensuring your pharmaceutical products are efficiently and reliably distributed. You can identify bottlenecks, improve delivery times, and reduce costs by monitoring and optimizing your transportation processes. Proactive risk management and clear communication with transport partners are vital here.

Shipment and distribution of pharmaceuticals

We plan and organize the shipment of pharmaceutical products with the greatest care. We also take your specific requirements, such as temperature-controlled transportation, into account and ensure that all compliance requirements are met. Thanks to efficient route optimization and reliable delivery, we make sure that the products safely reach their destination as planned.

Trackability and quality control

The ability to track items along the entire supply chain is vital for pharmaceutical products. At NextPharma Logistics, we implement advanced tracking systems that make it possible for us to document the exact whereabouts of products. We also conduct comprehensive quality controls to ensure compliance with all standards and regulations.

Reduction of costs through efficient warehouse management and transport optimization

In the pharmaceutical industry, costs play an important role in the warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products. You can achieve significant cost savings thanks to efficient warehouse management, optimized transport processes, and the bundling of shipments. Meticulous analysis and planning make it possible for you to identify and implement savings potential, without negatively impacting the quality and reliability of your pharmaceutical distribution.

Value-added services

Our range of services also include a variety of value-added services that allow us to offer tailor-made solutions. Secondary packaging and labeling, serialization, and returns management are encompassed here. We help our customers to present their products in the best light, and we provide additional value throughout the supply chain.

Trust in NextPharma Logistics to store safely and reliably, pick, pack, and distribute your pharmaceutical products. Our main focus lies on providing superior quality and precision and complying with all relevant standards and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Warehousing and distribution in accordance with AMG 52a and GDP Standards

At NextPharma Logistics, we understand how important complying with the Medicinal Products Act (AMG) 52a and the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards is for the storage and distribution of medicines. We are authorized to store, package, and label unmodified medicinal products pursuant to AMG 52a and GDP standards.

Our state-of-the-art logistics center meets all technical and safety-related requirements mandated by the AMG and the GDP. Our processes are designed to meet the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, and compliance. From temperature control to packaging and the recording of data, we are fully committed to ensuring the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Entrust NextPharma Logistics to safely and reliably store and distribute your products in accordance with AMG 52a and GDP standards. We are your partner for best possible standards in the storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals.


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Warehousing and distribution of pharmaceutical products: with NextPharma Logistics

Efficient warehousing

Optimization of inventories to maximize the availability of your products and prevent excess stock.



Fast delivery times

Planning and execution of deliveries to optimize the supply chain and reduce inventories.

Flexibility and scalability

Flexible solutions that adjust to changing needs and offer you a scalable logistics service.


Experienced IT experts

Our experienced IT team develops bespoke pharmaceutical IT services to help you with serialization and ensure efficient procedures.



Short response times and decision-making paths

Short response times and efficient decision-making paths let us quickly handle changes and individual customer demands.



Certified quality management

Our certified quality management according to GDP standards and AMG 52a guarantees you the highest quality standards and compliance with regulatory requirements.



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