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Discover the innovative platform for veterinary supplies. These ordering platforms for veterinary supplies offer efficient solutions that save you time and money while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • For manufacturers: Shipment consolidation, cost reduction and optimized logistics.
  • For veterinary practices: Simplified ordering process, more time with patients, and precise order picking.

Take advantage of these platforms for an efficient and sustainable solution.

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Ordering platforms for veterinary supplies

Veterinary supplies platform: What we can do for you

As a logistics center for veterinary supplies, we offer tailor-made solutions for veterinarians and manufacturers of veterinary medicines. On the veterinary supplies platform, you can conveniently place all your orders in one place, regardless of the number of manufacturers.

Efficient order management

Use the veterinary supplies ordering platform to order all the products quickly and easily you need. Get a comprehensive overview of the products offered by various manufacturers and compare the products directly on the veterinary supplies platform.

Notifications on availability

Enable notifications to be notified immediately of product availability. This ensures that you'll never miss an important item for your practice or online store.

Separate shopping carts for each manufacturer

Optimize your ordering processes by using a different shopping cart for each manufacturer. This lets you keep track of your orders and organize them efficiently.

Quick product search

Use the efficient search function to quickly and easily find products from the product ranges of different manufacturers. This saves you time and allows you to focus on your patients' needs.

Overview of shipping costs

Stay informed about each manufacturer's shipping costs directly on the veterinary supplies platform. This allows you to optimize costs and efficiently manage your logistics costs.

Efficient consumption overview

Track your usage and plan your orders efficiently to save money and optimally manage your inventory. A clear overview of your orders enables targeted planning and the efficient use of resources.

Register now on the veterinary supplies platform and benefit from the wide range of offers and services for your practice or online shop.

Benefits for the manufacturer when using the ordering platform for veterinary supplies

Shipment consolidation

Consolidate veterinary products from different categories in a single package for efficient delivery.

Efficient logistics

Benefit from our optimized logistics centers for smooth delivery.

Variety of manufacturers

Easily order products from multiple manufacturers in one single place for a comprehensive view of the products available.

Cost reduction

Lower your freight costs and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Transparent cost structure

Get a clear overview of shipping costs and product availability for effective planning.

Process optimization

Increase the efficiency of your ordering processes and simplify the procurement of animal supplies.

Benefits for practices when using the ordering platform for veterinary supplies

Simplified ordering processes

Order veterinary medicines from different manufacturers in a single package for smooth order processing.

State-of-the-art goods management systems

Use our advanced systems for fast and precise order picking.


Get clear information on shipping costs and availability to plan your logistics optimally.

Time savings

Save valuable time ordering veterinary products with efficient ordering processes.

Environmentally friendly solutions

Opt for environmentally friendly reusable boxes and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Central platform

Benefit from a central platform for veterinary supplies, where you can easily order all the products you need and get a comprehensive product overview.

NextPharma Logistics: Your partner for the efficient and sustainable picking and packing of veterinary medicines

NextPharma Logistics, a leading full-service provider of healthcare logistics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, plays a key role in the picking, storage and distribution of veterinary supplies. Our company specializes in the efficient picking of veterinary medicines and offers comprehensive logistics solutions for manufacturers, veterinary practices and laboratories.

Our state-of-the-art goods management systems, including pick-by-light systems and multi-order picking carts, ensure that your orders are picked quickly and accurately. In addition, we use environmentally friendly reusable boxes that contain a variety of medications from different manufacturers, thereby contributing to sustainability. Find the right products now through the veterinary supplies platform and benefit from our efficient and reliable logistics solutions.

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