Pharma support
Customer service for pharmaceutical companies

Our pharma support at NextPharma Logistics has many years of experience in the area of pharma logistics and is a reliable and competent point of contact for our customers and their end customers, whether they be pharmacists, vets or wholesalers.


Customer support for pharmaceutical companies

We understand that in the pharma industry fast, effective, precise communication is vital. We therefore offer our customers a wide range of services to help them cope with daily challenges. Our experienced customer service staff work closely with our customers to gain an understanding of their needs and requirements and offer suitable solutions.

End customer care

Our end customer care at NextPharma Logistics is a key component of our customer service. We understand that an efficient order and delivery process is of key importance in ensuring that our customers are satisfied. For that reason, we provide support to our customers and their end customers to ensure fast and effective handling of orders.

Our experienced team works closely with our customers to update orders, coordinate deliveries, and ensure that all requirements are fulfilled. We at NextPharma Logistics focus on providing our customers and their end customers with outstanding pharma support tailored to their specific needs.

Purchase authorization

Our pharma support ensures that our customers only ship orders and deliveries to authorized recipients. For that purpose, our experienced employees carry out a thorough purchase authorization check to minimize possible errors or misuse. We work closely with our customers to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled and offer first-class pharma support that meets the highest quality standards and customer requirements.

Complaints management

Our customer-oriented complaints management is a key component our customer services at NextPharma Logistics. We understand that complaints are an unavoidable part of the business and must be handled quickly and professionally to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Master data maintenance

We at NextPharma Logistics offer comprehensive services for the maintenance of master data. We understand that precise, up-to-date data is vital for efficient handling of orders and deliveries. Our experienced team works to ensure that all product master data is up to date and deliveries can be correctly implemented. At NextPharma Logistics we are proud to offer our customers outstanding pharma support tailored to meet the highest quality standards and customer requirements.

ND shipping

As a pharmaceutical company you must take certain precautions when shipping narcotic drugs (NDs). We at NextPharma Logistics have many years of experience of handling NDs and offer you secure shipping and comprehensive document management. Our trained team will handle the entire process four you and ensure reliable and timely delivery.

Customs clearance for export (third countries)

Exports of pharmaceutical products require careful customs clearance (customs declaration (export accompanying document), permit origin certificate (IHK), drafting EUR.1) to ensure fast, efficient delivery. NextPharma Logistics’ pharma support has broad experience of customs clearance for exports of pharmaceutical products. We will support you in handling customs formalities and ensure that your products reach their destination punctually and reliably.

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That’s why you should rely on NextPharma Logistics’ pharma customer support

NextPharma Logistics’ pharma customer support offers numerous benefits for pharmaceutical logistics, from end customer care to full customs clearance.

More than 30 years’ experience

Benefit from our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the advice and assistance of our pharma support team.

Project management

Besides ongoing optimization projects, we also offer our customers in the area of the onboarding/integration process comprehensive project management expertise specifically tailored to the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Order to cash

Our full order-to-cash-solutions encompass the entire process chain, from order entry to invoicing, and provide our customer with an efficient, convenient solution.

Experienced IT experts

We have an experienced team of IT specialists with in-depth knowledge and experience of pharma logistics for the development of tailored pharma IT services.

Short response times & decision paths

We attach great importance to short response times and decision paths, to ensure efficient processes. Through fast, flexible adjustments we are able to fulfill individual customer requirements in the blink of an eye.

Certified quality management

Thanks to our certification according to GDP standards and AMG 52a we guarantee our customers top quality standards and ensure that we adhere to them.

Our pharma logistics experts are available to advise you regarding your requirements. We offer numerous services, including typical logistics solutions, returns management and transport management. We are also able to offer complete solutions and comprehensive pharma support.

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