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Our order to cash package offers you a comprehensive array of services, ranging from invoicing to cash management, all specifically designed to fit your needs. We take care of the entire process, from presale activities, processing and shipping right through to invoicing and collection/dunning, in order to ensure an efficient and reliable payment process that meet the specific requirements of pharmaceutical logistics.


Our order to cash process (O2C)

As a company, we offer our B2B customers a comprehensive service covering the entire order-to-cash process. It includes the direct acceptance of customer orders, order entry, and credit limit management, as well as order processing, shipping, and invoicing, not to mention receivables management, cash collection, and debt collection/dunning. Our service seeks to ensure an efficient and smooth payment process in order to offer our customers the best support when it comes to order processing and invoicing.





Order to cash

A four-step process


The order-to-cash process consists of four steps: order processing, shipping, invoicing and collection/dunning. These steps are arranged sequentially and help ensure that orders are processed effectively, customers are satisfied, and finances are secured.


Order processing

This phase involves the confirmation of the end customer’s order and the collection of all necessary details, such product and service information, prices, delivery date and quantities, and billing information. Orders are captured by directly receiving customer orders or by manually entering them into the system. Credit limits are also controlled to ensure that the end customer does not exceed their approved credit limit.


In this phase, the shipment record is used to coordinate and carry out order picking, packaging, and the transport of the goods or provision of services.


A document is created in this phase to be used as the template for creating invoices. Invoices are issued either manually or automatically using billing records in SAP. Credit and debit notes can also be created, and invoices can be reversed.


This phase focuses on the management of receivables, including cash collection and debt collection. The payment process is monitored to ensure that payments are received within agreed deadlines. Dunning is used to remind end customers of outstanding payments and to expedite incoming payments.

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IT services


Our in-house IT department has an experienced and skilled team available to assist you whenever needed. No matter if you wish to program an interface, create a report, or have your key customer database updated, our specialist teams will quickly and effectively realize your requirements. We’re also happy to help you solve any other issues.


Why opt for order to cash with NextPharma Logistics?

Over 30 years of experience

Our many years of experience gathered in pharmaceutical logistics allows us to develop and implement tailor-made order-to-cash solutions for our customers.

Full order to cash solutions

Thanks to our extensive range of order-to-cash services, we are able to cover the entire process chain - from order entry to invoicing - and guarantee a high level of high efficiency as a result. Our customers can depend on us and focus their attention on their core business while we handle the smooth running of things.

Legally compliant payment processing

We are able to reduce our customers’ administrative load thanks to solutions such as XRechnung and promote the automation of business processes.

International know-how

We possess vast knowledge in the legally compliant processing of payments and invoicing on an international scale.

Short response times and decision-making paths

Efficient processes are the be-all-and-end-all. We therefore strive to respond quickly and flexibly to changes, and we put our customers’ individual requirements into practice as quickly as possible.

Professional structure

On behalf of our customers, we create an automated and flexible order-to-cash process environment that is easily scalable yet future-proof.

Find out more about our company, our history and the commitments we have made to sustainability as a pharmaceutical logistics company.

FAQ on order to cash

What is order to cash (O2C)

Order to cash (O2C) describes the process within a company to cover the entire business life cycle, starting from the end customer’s order placement to the receipt of payment. The O2C process is a complex system of business processes and rules that guarantees the smooth processing of orders and the effective control and monitoring of payments. This process entails the acceptance of orders, sales, invoicing, receivables management, and dunning. The aim of the O2C process is to guarantee the quick and efficient processing of customer orders to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and simultaneously ensure successful accounts receivable/bookkeeping and optimum cash management.

How can we ensure that we effectively manage our end customers’ payments and simultaneously fulfill compliance requirements?

To live up to requirements, companies must ensure that they have a resilient and legally compliant management system for payments. Checking the creditworthiness of end customers, managing payment deadlines, and observing regulatory requirements, for instance, are all part of this obligation.

How can we optimize our in-house processes to speed up the order-to-cash cycle and minimize errors at the same time?

In order to improve the order-to-cash cycle and minimize errors, companies must optimize their internal processes and keep them up to date at all times. Automation solutions, e-invoicing, XRechnung, and the integration of systems such as ERP and CRM are useful tools here.

How can we ensure that we monitor the whole order-to-cash process and provide immediate action when required?

To ensure the smooth running of cash-to-flow processes, companies must ensure that they have an effective monitoring system. This system must be able to monitor the whole OTC cycle and quickly react when needed. Dashboards and alerts can help here by reporting on the status of orders and payments in real time. Companies can thus identify issues ahead of time and quickly find solutions to prevent delays or interruptions. Outstanding receivables are also passed onto our client as of the third dunning level so they can initiate the legal dunning procedure.

Optimize your value chain with NextPharma Logistics’ order-to-cash services. We offer customized solutions to expedite and optimize the entire process from the acceptance of orders to invoicing. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, a pan-European network, the highest quality standards, and a strong focus on sustainability. Trust in us as a reliable partner to overcome your logistical challenges and satisfy your end customers. Let us tell you about the possibilities presented to you by our order-to-cash solutions!

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