Amazon Pharma: Amazon solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

As a pharmaceutical logistics provider, we understand the challenges that pharmaceutical companies face, especially when it comes to sales and logistics on platforms such as Amazon. The integration of Amazon Pharma is pivotal to your success in the e-commerce industry.

Challenges for the pharmaceutical companies

The healthcare sector’s rapid expansion poses major challenges for pharmaceutical companies. Conventional distribution channels and insurance models are under threat, in particular due to Amazon’s debut on the market. Pharmaceutical companies need to quickly adapt to digital transformation and develop new business models to stay competitive.

At NextPharma Logistics, we offer you solutions to take on these challenges and make you more competitive.

To keep up with these disruptive changes, pharmaceutical companies should use their key areas of expertise to their advantage and increasingly focus on digital services and business models. NextPharma Logistics can help you here with efficient logistics solutions that will optimally position your products on Amazon Business. Thanks to our expertise in the logistics industry and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we make it possible for you to efficiently gain access to the evolving healthcare market.


Discover tailor-made pharma logistics solutions for Amazon

The online marketplace Amazon offers enormous reach and access to a vast customer base. Our custom pharmaceutical logistics solutions let you fully leverage Amazon Pharma’s full potential and boost your sales. As part of Amazon Vendor Central, we offer the following services:

Efficiently manage orders

We oversee the recording and confirmation of your orders in the Vendor Central so that you can direct your attention to the quality and delivery of your products.

Optimize deliveries

Our service includes managing the delivery windows for prepaid orders, the processing of orders, and the reporting of advanced shipping notices (ASNs).

Professionally mark and label products

We ensure that your products are marked and labeled in accordance with Amazon standards in order to guarantee trouble-free delivery and marketplace presentation.

Smoothly manage transport

We use our expertise in the pharmaceutical logistics to organize the transport of your products efficiently and safely to their destination.

Integrate into the marketplace

Benefit from the seamless integration of your products into the Amazon Vendor Central, optimize your presence and visibility, and attract new customers.

Increase sales

By using our specialized services in Amazon Vendor Central, you can increase your sales and open up new business opportunities.

Analysis and controlling

Keep an eye on your activities on Amazon with our custom-tailored solutions which help you to optimize and adjust your sales processes.

By specializing in Vendor Central, we offer a seamless and efficient logistics solution that is specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the Amazon Vendor Portal. Opt for NextPharma Logistics as your partner in order to maximize your visibility on Amazon and significantly boost your sales.

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IT services


Our in-house IT department with its experienced experts is at your disposal. We offer you tailored solutions for the integration of Amazon Pharma. From the programming of interfaces and the creation of reports all the way to the maintenance of databases and solving problems, our team promptly realizes your requirements. Confide in our expertise to ensure the smooth integration into the Amazon marketplace and to reach your full potential.


Our customers (an excerpt of our references)

NextPharma Logistics—your partner for efficient pharmaceutical logistics

Our long-term experience and professional expertise as a pharmaceutical logistics provider means we offer you smart and sustainable solutions specifically tailored to your needs. If you are looking for a tailored logistics and fulfilment solution, you’ve come to the right place with us. From the analysis and planning stages right through to the implementation of your individual workflow management, our team of internal and external specialists works closely with you to satisfy your needs. Contact us now to learn more and talk about your specific requirements.

Over 30 years of experience 

We are the ideal partner when it comes to Amazon Pharma integration thanks to our many years of experience in pharmaceutical logistics. Our expertise allows us to develop bespoke solutions specially tailored to the demands of the Amazon marketplace.

Full order-to-cash solutions

We offer you comprehensive solutions, from order entry right through to invoicing, to organize the entire order process for Amazon Pharma in an efficient manner. Our seamless integration lets us help you successfully manage and optimize your sales activities on Amazon Pharma.

Flexible logistics concepts

We flexibly adapt to your individual requirements and develop customized logistics concepts perfectly geared toward selling your products on Amazon Pharma. Our solutions enable efficient and smooth transactions on Amazon Pharma.

Certified quality management

Our professional quality management makes sure that your products make it safely onto Amazon Pharma and are handled in a professional manner. We use our GxP-compliant (GMP and GDP) process documentation to always ensure efficient and transparent processes on Amazon Pharma.

Discover our business and our history as a leading provider of pharmaceutical logistics solutions for Amazon, and learn more about our commitment to sustainibility.


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