Serialization of Pharmaceutical Products

Welcome to NextPharma Logistics, a partner you can depend on for the serialization of pharmaceutical products. As an experienced service provider of pharmaceutical logistics, we offer a comprehensive array of solutions to meet national pharmaceutical serialization requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise, many years of experience, and certified quality standards make us your ideal partner for efficient and smooth serialization. Learn more about our services and why you should count on NextPharma Logistics.


Meet the Requirements of EU Serialization Directives

Directive 2011/62/EU on the prevention of falsified medicinal products entered into force on February 9, 2019. It requires manufacturers of pharmaceuticals to label their products with multiple safety features. The aim is to ensure the full authenticity of products in real time and to effectively prevent the sale of counterfeit medicines. Companies that do not meet pharmaceutical serialization requirements are not allowed to sell their pharmaceuticals on the European market.

Trust in NextPharma Logistics to meet EU directive requirements and successfully place your medications on the market. Our experts are at your service and will help you to take the necessary steps to realize serialization. Get in touch with us today to obtain further information and clarify any questions you may have.

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Pharmaceutical Serialization: Fulfill National Serialization Requirements

Satisfy the pharmaceutical industry’s requirements for the serialization of your products and ensure efficient tracking of products throughout the supply chain. As NextPharma Logistics, we offer you specialized serialization solutions that are tailored precisely to meet the pharmaceutical industry’s needs.

Assignment of unique serial numbers and codes

Every product is given an individual serial number and specific codes. These unique identifiers guarantee full identification and traceability along the entire supply change.

Application of serial numbers and codes on packaging

Pharmaceutical industry serialization involves applying serial numbers and codes to product packaging to make labels visible and readable to ensure clear identification and traceability.

Verification of serial numbers and codes

Serial numbers and codes are verified by checking label accuracy and legibility. This ensures that serial numbers and codes are properly applied and accurate.

Tamper-proof sealing of individual packages

Tamper-proofing is ensured by sealing individual packages. To do this, special sealing technologies are used that are able to detect if the package has been tampered with or not.

Documentation and traceability of serialization data

All relevant data are documented and made traceable during the serialization of pharmaceuticals. This allows every stage along the supply chain to be tracked in order to ensure the safety and quality of the products.

Compliance with national serialization directives and regulations

Serialization includes complying with and implementing national serialization directives and regulations. All necessary measures are taken in the process to satisfy statutory requirements.

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Pharmaceutical Serialization: With NextPharma Logistics

More than 30 years’ experience

Benefit from our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the advice and assistance of our experts for the serialization of your pharmaceutical products. Our experts understand the industry’s challenges and requirements and are able to offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs.

Project management

Our experienced project management team doesn’t only help you with ongoing optimization projects but also the onboarding and integration process. We know the pharmaceutical industry’s special requirements and can efficiently implement your pharmaceutical serialization projects with success.

Order to cash

Our full order-to-cash solutions cover the entire process chain, from order entry to invoicing. As such, we offer an efficient and helpful solution for the serialization of your pharmaceuticals that works seamlessly across all phases.

Experienced IT experts

Our team of seasoned IT specialists has extensive expertise and many years of experience in pharmaceutical logistics. We develop bespoke pharmaceutical IT services to help you with serialization and ensure efficient procedures.

Short response times & decision paths

We place great emphasis on quick response times and efficient decision-making paths in order to best support your serialization process. Fast adjustments and flexible solutions allows us to implement customer requirements in no time.

Certified quality management

Our certified GDP standards and AMG 52a guarantees you the highest quality standards and compliance with regulatory requirements. You can rest assured that your pharmaceutical serialization is in good hands with us.

Rely on NextPharma Logistics to efficiently meet your serialization requirements in a professional manner. Get in touch with us today to obtain further information and discuss your serialization projects.

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